brand promotion during times of crisis

COVID-19 has shattered the world economy. A couple of months back, the supply chain was completely disrupted. Ecommerce portals had no choice but to adapt to the issued guidelines by the government to make the lockdown success. The third phase of lockdown is about to get over. Maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, and using hand sanitizers have become a new norm.

People are afraid of visiting local shops due to crowds, and brands have seen a great business loss due to this crisis. Despite all these, several big brands have done a commendable job by maintaining constant communication with customers in the time of distress. The post talks about ways to promote your brand during these times.

Do Not Panic and Keep the Communication On

The very first thing that you need to do is to not panic and remain calm so that you can focus on what to do next. It is extremely crucial for start-ups where stakes are high. New ventures and established brands need to make sure that communication with customers does not break. Inform them how the situation is going to impact your operations and what you are doing to adapt to the circumstances. Doing so will help you assure your customers that you are not going anywhere, and things will get back to normal after the situation gets over.

Alongside, work on plan B, because of the way this pandemic has played havoc with the economy, there is a strong probability that things will not go back to normal. You have to be ready in all circumstances and accept the new normal. To remain relevant and competitive, you need to make sure you show up daily so that customers do not forget you once life returns to normal.

Leverage Social Media to Engage

We all know the prominence of social media in our daily lives. So, these platforms are your best bet to keep your customers engaged.

Create a content marketing plan to up your social media game. Set the tone right, be on point, and be consistent with your message. Go live to engage the audience in real-time and see their reaction.

Give your posts a human touch. They should not appear like they have been written by a robot. People must feel connected with your posts, so they must be relatable. For instance, if you are a gym franchise, you can post something about bodyweight exercises or free meal plan for your customer to help them stay healthy and immune.

Appeal your customers to follow the advisory. Use this time to bond with them well because if you break the communication, and then reappear out of the blue after things are back on track, the brand promotion might look awkward to them.

Send Emails but Do Not Overdo It

Emails are the best way to keep your customers posted. In case you do not have email addresses of your customers, you need a strategy so that they willingly give their email to you. For that, based on the nature of your business, you can incentivize them with something like a free guide on making diet plans, home decoration tips, or anything that might help them.

Once you have email addresses, you can use them for communication. You can motivate them, tell them about your next move, make any special announcement, reach out to them for providing assistance, and more. However, you need to make sure that you do not overdo it and the mails you send must be useful and insightful for them so that you get the desired click through rates. Draft a strategy for sending emails and most importantly, focus on subject-lines and the content of emails.

Help the Government

No matter whether you are a small, medium, or a big organisation, you must do your bit to help the government. Brands that are more socially responsible earn the trust and loyalty of customers.

You can be a medium to help the government with their campaigns for the best interest of the country. Take initiative and help the government by mobilising funds, and for the same, you can ask your customers to contribute. Since you will be doing your bit towards your nation, people will feel more connected with your brand.

In Conclusion

As already mentioned, the key to staying relevant is to show up daily. All your hard work might go in vain if you break the communication. In the end, be empathetic in your approach. If you find it helpful, let us know in the comment section below.

By Mukesh Jha

Mukesh Jha is a Content Aficionado with over 6 years of experience in Content Marketing. At present, he is managing a team of writers at a renowned Digital Marketing Agency.

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