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With increasing smartphone penetration worldwide, the proliferation of mobile apps has become a pretty usual and known thing. While you have plenty of options in each category, there are some remarkable apps by Google that are highly underused yet do the job effectively.

Let us find out about these Google apps, what they are meant for, and how you can use them to your benefit, depending on your requirements. So, without any further ado, let us take a glance at the following 7 underused yet highly effective apps by Google to try in 2023.

Google Keep – Notes and Lists

Labelled as editor’s choice on the Google Play Store, Google Keep lets you capture your thoughts on the go and in any format. There are many note-making apps but its easy-to-use interface, clutter-free design, and features to record thoughts in multiple formats give it an edge over others. The best part about this app is you can sync it with your Google account.


  • It is free and shows no ads.
  • Create notes and lists on the go.
  • Set reminders for important tasks.
  • Categorise them using labels.
  • Add collaborators to get things done together.
  • Easy search by automatically created topics.

Science Journal

Powered by Google, Science Journal app is a kind of science notebook. Meant for science enthusiasts, the app allows taking notes, photos, and observations at just one place.


  • It is free and displays no ads.
  • Use smartphone’s built-in sensors to measure acceleration, sound, light, air pressure, and more.
  • Collate information in the form of notes and photos related to your science experiments at one place.
  • Access your documents across your devices using Google Drive.
  • Export recorded data from sensors as CSV files.
  • Connect to Bluetooth-enabled external sensors to conduct experiments.


An innovative app from Google, Expeditions offers an immersive learning experience using the concept of VR (Virtual reality) and AR (Augmented reality).


  • It is free and shows no ads.
  • Explore things and places using your VR device, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Guide (for teachers) students who are connected locally from your tablet or smartphone.
  • Join a Guide in immersive AR/VR trips.
  • Expeditions can be downloaded to use even without the internet.
  • Options of choosing from over 800 expeditions to get a unique learning experience.

Google Classroom

The app acts as a platform that connects learners and instructors and is absolutely free for schools, NGOs, and even individuals with a personal Google account.


  • Allows you to add students to join your class by sharing a code.
  • Saves time by allowing instructors to create, distribute, and review assignments quickly.
  • Promotes organised learning.
  • Improves communication.
  • Free and contains no ads.

Grasshopper: Learn to Code for Free

Meant for beginners who want to learn to code, Grasshopper is a coding app. It uses fun ways to teach JavaScript. Designed smartly, the app aims at improving your coding concepts and provides you with the know-how of JavaScript.


  • Easy to use and interactive interface that promotes effective learning.
  • Progressively challenging levels for easy learning.
  • Learning through visual puzzles and quizzes.

Google Primer

One of the highly underused apps, Google Primer offers an easy way to learn digital marketing skills. Get knowledge on diverse topics like business planning, digital advertising, SEO, analytics, social media, branding, and more, anytime and anywhere.


  • It is free and shows no ads.
  • Clutter-free design that accelerates learning.
  • Diverse topics to explore.
  • Works offline too.

Bolo: Learn to Read with Google

Meant for the children of ages between 6-12, Bolo is a special app that helps in enhancing reading skills. The app comes with a tutor, “Diya,” helping children become better readers.


  • It is free and contains no ads.
  • Available in multiple languages – national and international.
  • Helps in managing multiple kids’ profile and track their progress separately.

So, these are some remarkable mobile apps by Google that are worth trying in 2020. Which one you were aware of and which one you want to try, write your comments below.

By Mukesh Jha

Mukesh Jha is a Content Aficionado with over 6 years of experience in Content Marketing. At present, he is managing a team of writers at a renowned Digital Marketing Agency.

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